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Just addressing something~


So a LOT of people are wondering ‘Why don’t Rydel and/or Ellington say they’re dating or if they’re not dating? They should just admit it!’

Well let’s look at how things are right now in the R5Family:

  • Alexa Dowd - rumored (and practically confirmed) to be dating Rocky Lynch. She gets so much hate (including #CutForAlexa, which makes me sick) and that’s just from some pictures! PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW HER! Neither do I! So I’m not going to be mean to her! It’s mind blowing the awfulness and hate sent to her for no reason at all. If Rocky’s happy dating her - GREAT! If he’s not dating her and they’re just friends - GREAT! It doesn’t matter and it isn’t up to me so why would I try to make their lives worse? 
  • Kelly Voosen - SO many people are going out of bounds with the lovely human being. Kelly and I used to be good friends and now she BARELY goes online because of so many comments and hateful things said to her which is RIDICULOUS! She’s a regular girl and it’s mind blowing the crap that’s sent to her. No wonder she tries to lay low on the internet these days! 

So if I were Rydel and Ell and I saw this treatment and bullshit being send to their friends (or ex-friends)… would I want to come out and announce something that is obviously a really sensitive subject? Nope. I’d keep it hidden so nobody would send me hate or start harassing me. 

Let’s all just agree to be happy for the people we love whenever something good happens in their life and stop the hate. Maybe then they’d feel more comfortable announcing such important parts of their lives to us. 

If my “babies” are happy. I’m happy. Who’s with me?



He should really stick to drumming. LMAO


"And that moment comes when I no longer know your name"

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